Paint Correction

Before Paint Correction

Lamborghini Diablo Sv paint system:

Light thru Heavy Scratches

Swirl Marks / Spider Webbing

Paint Fade

After Paint Correction

Lamborghini Diablo Sv paint system:

ZERO light diffraction due to damage.

All damage has been removed  without damaging original paint

Coating will greatly enhance gloss and appearance of polished paint

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Paint Correction

The following section is for the person that is interested in the science of Paint Correction

What is true paint correction?

Modern paint systems are fairly soft and susceptible to damage. This damage quickly diminishes the appearance of your paint system. Damage is incurred from many different factors to include pollution, acid rain, hard water, salt, chemicals on the road, cheap rags, faulty detailing, etc.

How is this damaged removed?

Paint correction was once called a “Cut & Polish”. Abrasives incorporated into compounds and polishes literally “Cut” a fine layer of paint off the vehicle until the damage is removed and a fresh undamaged layer of paint is reached. The newly exposed paint is then “Polished” to a high shine.

Paint correction is a very sensitive process and requires a high skill level to achieve properly. The clear coat layer is only 1.5 – 2 mils thick. 1 mil = .001 inch. As a reference point, a straight course human hair is .003 inch. Your clear coat is less thick than a human hair. A technician is working on a very thin finite soft layer. One misstep and a technician will damage the paint to the point where a panel will have to be painted. A technician must learn which tool, polishing pads, products to use to remove damage. Besides, each one of those tools, polishing pads, and products require different machine speeds, pressure, hand speed, and technique. There are basic principles, after that each detailer develops his preference for tools and techniques. For example, think of a guitar. There are a finite number of strings but there is unlimited creativity within the given parameters.

Many waxes and polishes are created with “fillers” incorporated. These fillers cover up imperfections without truly removing the damage. Your paint system is improved for a short amount of time until fillers wear away and damage reveals itself again. Then the process is repeated. A PROPER paint correction genuinely Removes and Repairs damage to the paint system.

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